kristin-miciotto whole heart counseling


I want to assist you in living a wholehearted life. When we can truly understand how our minds are working and how we can gently tame them, we can learn to be quiet enough to hear and feel our intuition. I believe our intuition lives in our hearts and our hearts hold the real answers.

Let me help you find courage, compassion and curiosity within yourself so you can transform your life and your ability to thrive in a wholehearted way.

Thank You,

Kristen Miciotto

whole heart counseling


Are you feeling overwhelmed and under resourced as the world feels challenging and unpredictable?

Do you want to look at ways you can move past the stuck places and repetitive patterns that prevent you from experiencing more intimate and fulfilling relationships and realizing your potentials?

Do you have a child that is struggling with “big emotions’ and needs support in finding new ways of being and grow your parent/child connection?

Are you curious what all the hype is around meditation, mindfulness and holistic health and want to have a real conversation or that makes these words not only make sense but feel easy to incorporate into your life?

Are you wanting to be a part of a group of likeminded curious folks who are invested in doing their own self exploration to help themselves compassionately navigate whatever comes their way?

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