Children need a safe place to explore, process and express what they are going through.

Your child might benefit from therapy if he or she:

  • Struggles to manage ‘big’ emotions (anger, anxiety, sadness)
  • Has a hard time finding joy in everyday. Sees the glass as ‘half empty’ most of the time
  • Has a hard time navigating friend or sibling relationships
  • Is going through big life-transition (separation/divorce, new school or sibling)
  • Is struggling to be understood

Children manifest their stress in ways that differ from adults. This can leave parents feeling worried, confused and not knowing how to help. It can also leave a child feeling isolated and alone in their experiences.

kids counseling


I have almost 20 years of experience teaching, supporting and empowering kids of varying backgrounds.

As a nanny, I was introduced first hand to the ins and outs of typical childhood development and also aided in supporting kids with developmental delays, high functioning Autism spectrum, behavior issues that affected both home and school life, divorce, and blended families.

After undergraduate school, I taught in preschools. I first started at a Montessori school and then found my niche in Waldorf where I partnered with a parent to create our own preschool. For 5 years I was the lead teacher and was responsible for the day to day care of the children and their families.

For the last five years, I have served as a facilitator and trauma counselor for youth at The Amala Foundation at different retreats and summits around the world.

I work mostly from an attachment- based perspective which means I examine the natural development of children and their relationship to key figures in their lives, mostly parent/child dynamic.

I have a unique, honest, creative and playful style of helping kids/youth. I see kids at my play therapy office at Plumeria Counseling Center where I am set up with art, games, books, toys and sand tray. In using these tools children often feel safe and comfortable exploring big topics quickly.


In the initial session we discuss appropriate information outside of the child’s presence.  In this session, I prefer to meet with all caregivers, parent(s), and co-parent(s) involved in child’s life.

Caregivers will be required to schedule  adult only ‘’check in’ sessions throughout the child’s therapy process.

I am available to do this either in person or by scheduled phone sessions.

Your child’s ability to thrive is my main priority, and requires a commitment from family partners to understand and connect with your child in new ways becomes the essential ingredient.

Together, we work to more deeply understand a child’s unique needs. In this way, parents can move closer to their child through support and understanding. In some cases, collaboration with school can be beneficial in creating additional supports for a child.

I focus on helping kids become more confident, capable, and self-assured through encouraging the development of their natural strengths and competencies.

Children adapt quickly to new behaviors when their environment supports it.