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Individual Adult Counseling


Life moves fast!  Often we find ourselves in places without knowing how we got there. Therapy is an opportunity to slow down and reconnect to or rediscover YOU.  

No matter whether you have tried counseling before or it is your first time, you may be hesitant because you do not know if a specific therapeutic approach will be right for you. Therapy can look like so many different things. The conversation can vary and the work can be more than just talking.

I want to offer you a unique style of therapy that is customized to what inspires and motivates you to grow and change. Let’s be creative and figure out what style works best for you.


  •  General Anxiety / with or without Panic Attacks
  •  Depression
  •  Bipolar Disorder
  •  Grief and Loss
  •  Life Changes / Transitions/ Quarterlife & Midlife crisis
  •  Finding your Purpose
  •  Self Esteem/ Self Compassion
  •  Relationships (LGBT included)
  •  Break-ups, heartbreak, living single
  •  Spiritual Development
  •  Mindfulness
  •  Mindful Parenting


Do you feel sad, anxious or lonely or are you disappointed with the way your life is going?

Have you recently faced a life transition, and now your life and relationships are not making sense or feel rewarding.

Do you feel distracted with suffering and struggle to find the joy in the every day?

Are you struggling to find a peaceful state of mind amidst what seems like chaos?

Do you long for a more grounded and connected life and to still be authentically true to yourself?

Would you like to love more, grow more, be more and feel more alive?



For people going through life transitions who wish to find an empowered way to navigate and learn from the inherent challenges. This short term model requires a commitment to having big conversations around life transition issues with homework/inquiries and possible day long intensive retreats.


For people who appreciate the ongoing conversation that unfolds over time and prosper better from a gentler approach. This is set up with an understanding that frequency of sessions will fluctuate and will sometimes be done as phone session.


For people who are seeking conversation and transformation rooted in connection to Source. This approach is founded in the belief that we are all guided from a source that is within us and a part of everything. This conversation invites the God/higher power of  your understanding to be your copilot as I simply guide and remind you to return to what is innately true within you.


For people who wish for a dynamic, physically integrated therapeutic experience.  Walk & Talk therapy incorporates walking while talking about issues and problem-solving. This is a great way to get into the body and use the natural endorphins and creativity that flow from movement to assist the parts of the mind that processes fluidly. These types of session can happen on any of the beautiful trails Austin has to offer (Town Lake, Greenbelt) at your pace.


For people who need to do sessions by phone at times due to travel, geographic location et.  This offers an opportunity to have a session at your own convenience without coming into office.  This is not for everyone, especially newer clients  and will need to be discussed in person.


For some, being apart of a group discussion and relating to others around personal topics in a safe and supportive container is the best way to become self aware and grow. This can also be a more affordable way to commit to ongoing personal work.


For people who wish to set aside distractions and spend a full day working individually and in group setting to focus on specific inner work. This is an opportunity for you to ‘check out to check in’. In these sessions offer group discussions, creative exercises and silent, reflective time — the perfect alchemy for reconnection and recharge.

 Adult Counseling
 Adult Counseling
 Adult Counseling