Activate Your Purpose Mini Retreats

Are you trying to get clear on your greater purpose in life?
Have you figured out what lights you up and what inspires you, but just don’t know what to do with it?
Are you ready to explore your purpose and strengthen the role it plays in your life and work?

In each of our lifetimes, we are inspired to fulfill our sense of purpose differently during each life-season.

Kristen Miciotto, LPC and Wendy Colonna, CCA Certified Career Coach have teamed up to create monthly mini-retreats tailored for people who are ready to explore their unique sense of purpose and its current role in their lives.

In a group setting, participants are encouraged to identify and discuss common obstacles they can relate to during these different seasons of life. In this dialogue, we each have opportunities to overcome these hurdles and move powerfully in the direction of our purpose.

During the retreats, we will explore our inner sense of purpose through conversation, art, meditation and writing. Identify tools and build strategy to embrace powerful habits that reflect our sense of purpose and passion in our everyday lives, work and relationships.

Bring a journal, and wear comfy clothes. Healthy snacks and beverages will be provided. Get your ticket below.

Past Retreats

October 27, 2018

activate your purpose

September 15, 2018

activate your purpose