Whole Mama RetreatsWe believe women are currently in a position to nurture the family, business-world, and global community in a revolutionary way. We also believe that this revolution begins within.

Whole Mama Retreats address the everyday struggles and inspirations of the modern mama. In our retreats, we learn about the science/biology that makes you tick, address some of the challenges you share and explore ways to integrate small, but powerful daily habits that nourish you while navigating the demands of motherhood and life.

Motherhood is a constant growth edge. Whether it’s bio-babies, step kids, or adopted children you are caring for, you are tested, stretched, and pushed beyond your bodies’ and minds’ reach. While there are countless resources available on the topic of parenting, the juggle and the struggle of the daily grind of motherhood can deplete even the best educated and prepared. Whether you are a stay-at-home, a 9-5er, a single parent, are partnered, a student, or a self-employed mama, you wake up every day and mom as hard as you can. But you are still human and require your own nourishment in order to meet the needs of your families, work, and lives. While you know this intuitively, it often feels like the most impossible thing to prioritize.

We want you to leave your Whole Mama Retreat feeling grounded, clear and centered with a revitalized sense of self-compassion and self-assurance. We will be working together to create strategy and implement thoughtful, practical tools that help you tap into your true self and parent from a whole-hearted perspective (most of the time). You will also take away from the retreat a community of mamas who will support you with dialog, unconditional kindness, encouragement, shared resources, and accountability to your commitment to yourself.

With you, we are co-creating a global village of mothers who support one another to fill their own cups so that their energy spills over into the cups of others. Together we will create a sisterhood who help one another find mercy, grace and inspiration in the messy and miraculous experience of motherhood.

All mamas are welcome.

Meet Your Facilitators


Kristen Miciotto, LPC assists kids and parents using a heart-centered, holistic approach to navigating big emotions; and offers conscious parenting solutions for healthier, thriving family connection. Though Kristen is not currently a mom, she has supported and advocated for moms for over 20 years. Her roles have included, full time nanny, teacher, child & family therapist, and friend.

Wendy Colonna, CCA Certified Coach, is a professional, creative coach who works with purpose-led individuals, business owners and moms to leave an impactful legacy that reflects their core values, priorities and their desire to use their power for good. She’s a bio-mom of a toddler, step mom of three amazing humans, and step-grandma of two. She’s an entrepreneur, community leader, yoga instructor and by grit and grace, has managed to make a living as a musician for the last 20 years.

We will be gathering in the lofty and bright 3rd floor of Zilker Spots coop, conveniently located off Mopac and 2244. There is a lot of available free parking.

What to bring:
Your authentic self, regardless of what that looks and feels like currently, and an open and willing mind and heart. We will take care of the rest. We will provide all materials you will need for the day and yummy and healthy lunch, snacks, and drinks. (let us know if you have extra specific dietary restrictions). A hearty plant based salad, soup, and GF snacks are on the menu.

What to expect:
We have thoughtfully created a 6-hour retreat that gives attention and nourishment to your mind, your heart, and your body. We believe there is no expected final destination, you will get out of this what you put into it and take away exactly what you need.
(We do hope you leave feeling like YOUR cup is full.)

Part 1:
After we are grounded and clear, we will focus on how and why you need to put your oxygen mask on first. We will talk about the brain and how it works, body chemistry and how small mindfulness exercises can change the way our brain operates, and how we show up to ourselves and others. We have a yummy experiential activity that will combine mindfulness and self care. Next we will take this conversation further to see what is beneath the mind’s chatter, to see what is alive in your heart. Through personal reflection and partner exercises, we will give your true longing an opportunity to have some space to be seen and tended to.

Lunch Break:
We’ll continue the conversation over a “working” lunch where we can connect and continue the conversions from Part 1. (talk about what comes up for us in the “going inward” part. We get to know one another). We enjoy beautiful soup, vitamin rich quinoa salad with rich greens. (Chocolate, fruit, & Cheese & nuts are offered throughout for snacking)

Part 2:
With the inventory of the heart and a fresh perspective on mindful approaches to self-care, we will become clear on what we want to bring forward, the habits we wish to cultivate, the tools that we are lacking, what it looks like to live a day doing these things. . . a week. . . etc. From here we will narrow down to one goal that feels most alive and relevant, then move through a series of exercises from a coaching perspective to help you see what it looks like to bring a dream to reality.

“If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”
Old Southern saying

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